Circular economy

Our household linen has a future

That's why we are committed to the Refashion eco-organization. The latter has launched the #RRRR movement, a digital campaign to raise awareness among citizens about the right gestures to adopt to Repair-Reuse-Recycle-Reduce our impact on the environment.

Within the Vivaraise house, this translates into the following :

Let's be actors of this transition towards a circular economy

As a marketer, our role is to :

  • reinforce our commitment to the implementation of the circular economy

  • make you aware that we are all concerned

  • spread together the solutions that exist

Whatever your place in this scheme (citizens, retailers, creators, local authorities, project leaders...), you too have a role to play in this circular economy. Each gesture counts.

Circular economy

Let us act together for a sober and responsible consumption of natural resources.

Contact Refashion to obtain tools, services and information that will facilitate the transformation of TLC*. Better production, better consumption, better transformation, it's up to each of us.

Join the movement !