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7 tips for my linen

The holiday season is over, the Christmas decorations have been put away, and white january is upon us. Sde offers you a few tips to help you in this new year start.

1/ Soak your laundry before the first use

For softer and more absorbent laundry, soak it overnight in cold water. This has the advantage of prolonging the brilliance of the colours.

2/ Wash bed linen together

Each component of the same set will keep the same aspect and the rendering will be more harmonious on a bed as it is washed. Ideally, if you can think of it, you should wash the bed linen inside out. While this may be a bit tricky, it makes it easier to put on the duvet cover, which is already inside out.

3/ Read the care label carefully

This allows you to adapt the washing temperature to the quality of the clothes. Clothes washed at the wrong temperature will be damaged more quickly.

4/ Separate the laundry

Sorting according to colour prevents clothes from bleeding. Sorting according to material prevents artificial fibres from mixing with natural fibres. It is recommended to wash separately clothes with accessories that can damage the most fragile fibres: zips, velcro, bra hooks, etc. Once again, these small precautions will allow you to extend the life of your clothes.

5/ Treating the stains

Using a natural stain remover (such as beef ball soap) before washing increases the chances of removing the stain. A washed and ironed stain is printed :-/

6/ The ideal drying

Dry outdoors whenever possible. This will naturally give the linen a fresh smell, especially tablecloths and bed linen. The tumble dryer is interesting for all terry cloths, which will come out much softer and smoother.

7/ Minimalist ironing

Don't leave your clothes to dry for too long or they will become too cardboardy. If possible, iron it when it is still a little damp, as this will make the chore lighter. The most effective secret lies in the art of hanging out your washing, which, if it is optimal, will exempt you from any ironing ?

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Happy new year