Like the fashion industry, the home linen sector has been undergoing a transformation in terms of sustainable development for several years now. This transformation is accelerating by making responsible consumption a way of life.
What does this mean for the Sde group brands ?

 Vivaraise ensures that its collections are free of harmful substances by subjecting them to OEKO-TEX certification controls.
This certification guarantees consumers that the product does not represent any danger to their health or skin. An additional quality endorsement for the brand's linen range: European Flax. It guarantees local agriculture that respects the environment : zero irrigation, zero GMOs, zero waste. Flax exclusively produced in France certifies the traceability of products from the Vivaraise range.

Recycled textiles or textiles made in France for Winkler : the brand is committed to creating a range in recycled cotton, cotton made with fabric scraps crushed to obtain fibres. A process that slows down the consumption of water and insecticides since the cotton off-cuts are no longer waste, but become a form of raw material.
The use of recycled cotton thus limits the pressure on arable land.

When in 2019 the Winkler brand merged with "T&B maison", the French manufacturing specialist, it took a radical turn by favouring the promotion of local know-how through short circuits. The Winkler house creates collections that enhance our heritage and bear witness to the technical mastery of local textile workshops. It collaborates with talented illustrators and applies its "French art of living" through motifs from our gastronomic and cultural heritage. The illustrations are hand-drawn, with preference given to natural materials. All the prints are silk-screen printed to preserve the brightness of the colours. The inks are water-based and contain no solvents or phthalates. They guarantee a very good resistance to washing, light and rubbing. From creation to the finished product, all the French textile know-how is present.

All Ateliers du linge bed linen has had its plastic packaging removed since January 2021. It is a packaging entirely designed by our marketing team that you will discover in the shops.
The brand does efforts in terms of sustainable development by bringing out a range of bed linen sets in organic cotton for the beautiful days.
Cultivated naturally, without the use of chemicals, organic cotton helps to clean up the soil but also to save water reserves. Organic farming, thanks to its irrigation technique, requires half as much water.
Ateliers du linge does not intend to stop there and continues its daily efforts to accompany its customers towards an ever more reasoned consumption.

The ecological locomotive is well under way, the Sde brands are on board. There is plenty of improvement, but the desire to multiply these initiatives is clearly present. We are convinced of the need to involve you in these issues because it is collective action that will enable us to live in a more responsible world.