Winkler favours short circuits and French manufacturing.

silk-screening workshop for table and kitchen linenThe vast majority of the brand's printed tea towels are made in France, using an ancestral technique: screen printing.

This know-how, increasingly replaced by digital printing, is the signature of Winkler products. An incomparable rendering for a technique perfectly mastered by the men and women working in a workshop located in the north of France.

workshop screen printing and french know-how kitchen linen

Passionate people with whom the creator of the collections, Corinne Infantes, spends several days developing the new products for each collection. It is in the "colour kitchen" that the shades are concocted and the designs come to life thanks to the formulas developed on site. Alchemist's recipes that make a yellow brighter, a blue deeper, a red greedier. It is thanks to the know-how of these teams that the magic happens. From an illustration and a piece of fabric is born a unique silk-screened piece that will join the collections of other pieces of memories, symbols, traditions or French emblems. In this workshop, each person is an expert in his or her trade. From the exposure of the frames for silk-screening to the making of the aprons and tea towels, including the application of the different layers of water-based inks, each operation is done by hand with the shared desire to create quality products.

A result so "French art de vivre", don't you think ?

French art of living table and kitchen linen made in France