Sustainable development at Sde, supplier of household linen

In 2022, the CirCoAx and MakCCIng Durable programmes will move up a gear.

MakCCIng in a few words : how to meet present needs without compromising those of future generations ?

ECO-CONCEPTION, Maccking, Sde household linen A first coaching session was held at the head office at the end of January 2022. The team dedicated to the project was able to validate the company's current positioning and define the areas for progress.

An action plan marked out by stages with strategic stakes: building customer loyalty, cost control, maintaining innovation, renewing the offer, uniting the teams, integrating recycling and waste management in our premises and those of our suppliers.

Each stage of a product's life cycle is analysed and improved in order to meet eco-design criteria. This multi-criteria approach aims to limit environmental impacts at all levels: human health, biodiversity and the eco-system.

We are currently in the first phase, which consists of analysing the existing situation, the basis for our action plan. You, as our client, were sent our survey at the beginning of January 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants, whose answers have fed our thinking. Accompanying our customers in their choices, communicating in the right way while maintaining this environmental awareness, these are the main axes around which we are thinking.

What about CirCoAx ?

CIRCOAX for Sde's designer of eco-responsible household linenThis unique support programme aims to transform our textile business into a sustainable, circular and regenerative business. Sde has been selected along with 30 other European MSEs and SMEs to receive support from industry experts. Their common goal is to create a business model that has a direct impact on the adoption of sustainability and circularity practices.

Do you share this vision ? Follow us and let's work together for a better world.